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A Guide To Cleaning Different Types Of Tiles

Posted on January 3, 2023

Different tile types have different cleaning needs, and you must ensure you don’t accidentally clean your tile incorrectly and cause irreversible damage. There are many different tile types on the market. Here are some of the most common and how to clean them as safely as you can.


Ceramic tile is common and generally durable. You can clean it quite easily with most of the typical cleaning methods. If you get a nasty stain on ceramic, call a Redlands steam cleaning service to get it out.


Glass tiles are most commonly in mosaic form, but they can be used for other applications. Glass is easy to clean. Most spills can be wiped off easily with nothing but a clean cloth. They’re also resistant to acidic substances, so feel free to use lemon-based cleaners on any particularly nasty stains or other more harsh substances.


Granite tiles are made of natural stone, and as such, they tend to be more fragile and harder to clean. They don’t absorb water and are resistant to acidic materials but are porous. They can’t be cleaned with abrasives, but you can wash them with water and mild dish soap. In extreme cases, you can also get a Redlands steam cleaning technician to help you.


As a natural stone, limestone has some specific cleaning requirements. Limestone needs to be sealed, and you need to use pH-neutral cleaners. Never use vinegar, and be careful about cleaners that advertise the use of lemons. You generally shouldn’t hire a Redlands carpet cleaning company to clean your limestone. Just be careful with the chemicals you use on limestone.


Marble tiles are both expensive and difficult to clean. They can be scratched and stained easily and must be looked after regularly. Have your marble sealed using some extra sealant in rough areas. Like any natural stone, steam cleaning can be harmful to your marble.


Porcelain is a type of ceramic and is similarly popular, but it’s technically a different material. Nevertheless, it has a similar durability and can therefore be cleaned the same. Most common Redlands tile cleaning methods will work well. Hiring any reputable steam cleaning service in Redlands should get the job done fine.


Sandstone is yet another natural stone type, meaning it’s porous and must be sealed. It doesn’t react well to harsh chemicals or steam cleaning and should only be cleaned with mild things like dish soap and water. For tricky stains, you might want to apply baking soda as well.


Slate is also made of natural stone, so you should seal it as soon as possible. Never use acidic cleaning solutions or steam cleaning. For general cleaning applications, mix dish soap and plain water, nothing more powerful. Baking soda can help against tricky stains, but always be careful when cleaning.


Travertine is a type of limestone, so it has many similar properties. Seal it regularly and only clean it with mild chemicals like dish soap and baking soda. Be gentle if you’ve accidentally stained it, and never use high-pressure cleaners.

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