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Are Synthetic Rugs Easier To Clean Than Organic Fabrics?

Posted on December 6, 2022

Everyone would prefer to have surfaces that were easy to clean. You can save time and even money if you can easily get a stain out or sanitize a fabric. You may even avoid needing steam cleaning services if you have a rug that is easy to clean. But which type of rug is easy to clean?

We will cover the basic differences between how easy it is to clean synthetic rugs as compared to organic rugs. Along with the general rule, we will go over some important exceptions. But before we get into any of that, let’s address something about how durable a cleanable rug is.

Durability vs. Cleanability

A general trend in rugs is that if something is easier to clean, it is often not as durable. It is very rare that you find a fabric that does not have a natural tradeoff between durability and cleanability. But with a rug, this is not too big of a deal because they are loose on the floor.

If you are dealing with a carpet, which is tacked down and more permanently installed, then durability is going to matter more. Uninstalling a carpet and reinstalling a new one can get expensive fast, especially considering that does not include the cost of the carpet itself. But don’t worry, even if a fabric is harder to clean, you can still use a carpet cleaning service.

The Rule

Synthetic rugs are going to be easier to clean than most organic fabrics. The reason for this has to do with organic fabrics being chosen for rugs because of their ability to absorb all the colorful dyes that give them their brilliant appearance. This also makes them hold the discoloration from stains.

If you want an easy to clean rug, you would benefit from using a synthetic. But even though you might escape the need for expert rug cleaning and end up with a cheaper floor covering, the longevity of your synthetic rug is not going to hold up to the durability of most organic fabrics.

The Exceptions

For organic fabrics, you will often notice that they are easy to clean when they are undyed and have their natural color. This is because these organic materials do not absorb color. Which in turn keeps them from staining in a more permanent way.

In general, the organic fabrics that are easiest to clean include wool, jute, cotton, and seagrass. But even with these fabrics being far easier to clean than something like velvet or silk, you might still have to call for rug cleaning if the stain is severe enough or the substance leaving the stain is harmful or a stark color contrast to your fabric.

Closing Words

Ultimately, Angel Carpet Cleaning can improve the look, smell, and feel of your rug no matter what fabric it uses. So don’t worry too much about whether a stain will ruin your floor covering forever. A cleaning solution for your rug is just a single phone call away!

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