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How To Keep Recently Cleaned Upholstery Clean

Posted on October 4, 2022

Now that you have cleaned your upholstery, it is time to make sure it stays that way for some time. So what can you do? Here is a look at some of the practices that the cleaners here at Angel Carpet Cleaning think that you could use to improve how long your furniture stays looking brand new.

1. Vacuum Consistently

People are far more likely to clean carpets and floors with a vacuum than they are to use it on their upholstered furniture. But it is just as helpful to extend the lifespan of your upholstery to combat small particulates that build up over time, which can result in deepening discoloration.

You might want a small hand-held vacuum for this, rather than try to lift your vacuum or manipulate the long-reach tools. The easier you can make it on yourself to vacuum your upholstery, the more likely you are to do it.

2. Furniture Covers

If you cover up your upholstery, you can protect it a lot better. It does not need to be the plastic covers that grandparents used to make all their furniture as uncomfortable as possible. But the thicker it is, the less material will penetrate the barrier.

You can get decorative covers that add or change the style of your existing furniture. You will not be able to fully appreciate the textiles on your furniture, but you will preserve them much better. The covers can be cleaned easily in a washing machine and dryer. Just be sure to clean your dryer vent eventually.

3. Limit Spills

You can make sure not to eat or drink while sitting on some pieces of furniture, and that will limit the number of stains that are even possible. Limit risk by managing the number of things that can possibly spill. It is easy enough to do, as long as your upholstery furniture is not integral to dining or drinking.

To justify eating while seated on upholstered furniture, there needs to be a table over your lap. If there is not a place where you can rest your rink or cover your lap with a counter, your upholstery is at undue risk of spills and stains.

4. Professional Cleaning

There are plenty of cleaning processes that can potentially open up your upholstery to re-staining or collect further impurities. For example, over-wetting can create the perfect breeding ground for mold (especially if there is a steady supply of food crumbs).

Wicking is prevented as well, so the same stain is not going to lift only to resettle. When you have professional cleaning services, there is some level of aftercare that is recommended. But they also take steps to do the initial cleaning properly.

In Conclusion 

If you need any help with your upholstery cleaning, call us today! Angel Carpet Cleaning is the best local carpet cleaning company near Redlands, so you can be sure that both the initial cleaning and the after care are of the highest-quality. Don’t delay having your furniture cleaned and staying clean.

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